Friday, April 8, 2011

Moring Run Together

*Originally written on September 4th, 2010*

There is a spot in my heart that only you can fill

There is a spot in Your heart that only I can fill

Thank You for coming and filling my heart and for giving me the desire and drive to fill Yours...

[I've been reading  Captivating by John & Staci Eldredge and just finished the Romanced section where they talk about how God wants to be romanced and wants to romance us, He wants an intimate relationship and it really put a desire in me to be romanced by God and to try and see how He reaches out daily to show me His unwavering love]

As I began my morning run with the Lord today, I turned on my ipod and began to listen to my music when I felt the Lord tell me to turn it off, that He wanted to sing to me. At first I wondered if I should, but then decided I could turn it off for a little while and if I got tired of silence I could always turn it back on. I was amazed at the music He played for me, just for me.

The orchestra of different insects harmonizing themselves and the breeze whistling softly.  Water trickling as the triangles, frogs adding their beat.  And then I saw God as the great conductor, tuning them all perfectly, and tuning myself also, my feet adding a unique drumming that only I can breath rhythmically playing notes only I can preform, no one else. I was part of the grand orchestra!

I passed over an opening of the trees and saw the beautiful sky, this day He paints a much softer hue than last time, with such a gentle heavenly glow about it.

"be still and know Me, be still and know that I AM GOD"

As I run I am still with you Lord, Speak to my heart, fill my heart in such a way, such a place only You can fill...let me embrace You and fill Your heart in such a way, such a place that only I can fill. That I was created and woven together just to fill.

I suddenly just wish He could hold me, embrace me, bear me against His chest and let me listen to His heartbeat...and then I open my eyes and beheld how He reached out to me through every branch, trying to embrace me, hold me close to Him, grasp me so tightly and securely...and then I hear it. Amongst the crickets I hear His heart beat, beating along side mine, I feel the warmth that flows out from His chest.  We go a ways this way, Him holding me tightly and me releasing myself, finally opening myself up to Him and all He is, opening places within myself I don't open to anyone, I don't bear upon anybody, the silent places and I release them to him. I hand it all to Him and feel comforted.  Then I smell Him, oh how His scent is amazing!
Better than anything heaven or earth, I soaked it in, absorbed it within myself.  His music continues to play, sometimes as soft as a whisper and sometimes more robust as an opera!

I hear machines in the background, at first it troubles me, but He reveals to me how even the roughness plays a part in the song, for it brings out the majisty of the rest!

Now the tune switches, it changes from God playing just for me to nature singing His praises!  Oh the glorious music and solos from the birds, the grand choir of nature giving their all to show His glory and honor and majesty.  Showing their love and adoration to Him!  and yet still in the background His heart beats alongside my own.

I then begin to hear footsteps with mine, I glance behind me and see no one, we are alone, alone with nature, I am alone with the Lord.  I hear His feet running with mine now, and a smile forms on my face...then He runs past me, and as I turn the corner I see Him, His light brightly shining through the trees past the corner and I speed up to meet Him there.  As I'm running toward Him I realize how dark it had never realize how dark the darkness truly is until you see the honesty of the light.

We run together again, His presence helps me press forward and after a while, we begin to race!  I feel his joy and laughter as we push ourselves faster, and then just slow down and laugh as He grasps me once more.

As I near the end of our run, I begin to slowdown and walk with Him, soak up more of Him before we're through, and He shows me all the glorious morning glories, oh how beautiful they are!  All the purple and white, and then I see this small blue morning glory all alone, radiating the love of God.

"You are unique" He tells me "Small but mighty through Me! You are far more beautiful then these"

Thank you for filling my heart Lord, thank you for revealing Yours to me and allowing me to fill it in such a way that only I can fill. Thank you for spending Your time, Your morning with me, for wanting to spend Your morning romancing me!  Showing me Your love, your beauty and splendor!

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