Friday, April 8, 2011

Hugging the LORD

*Originally written October 27th, 2010*

As I ran today, it started to rain, first drop by drop, then it was awesome.

I had a slight fear of what the rain would bring, of how it would feel like to run it the rain by myself. While I have before, I haven't ever ran in the rain on the trail alone.  But I'm not alone, He is with me!  So through the fear I remembered how He had brought me through the rain, and just through the run itself, before and He would do it again.  As the rain began to get harder I just prayed for His former and latter rain, His Spirit, the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit.  I gazed upon the golden, red, and orange hues in the leaves and remembered Christ and all He has done for us, for me.  Once the rain slowed, God began to have me intercede for others, I just couldn't stop thinking of certain people, mainly two but a few others also.  For the first time I think He had me to run, not just for my own growth, but to move others' hearts back to Him. 

The Lord is hugging you, you just have to hug back.  He is awaiting for you to let down your walls of Gerico, let out a battle cry and let the walls down and go to Him!  Hug Him! Hug Him with all of yourself! Let it go and hold on to Him, leave it with Him.

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