Friday, April 8, 2011

Who's the real butt head here...

*Originally written August 20th, 2010*

God has really put upon my heart the search for true joy, happiness, and contentment.  I want to shine His light unto all the world & show them His love that is much needed...& part of this process is realizing who you really are, who you've become when you weren't looking.

I work in a library at a college & there are occasional students who are, perish the thought to them, difficult to say the least.  They either want you to do all the work for them & refuse any other type of assistance. Then there are the ones that just seem to always carry that 'deer in headlights' appearance, no matter how many different ways you find to explain even the simplest task.  They're are also the students who have already decided that they want to be a butt head, & then act upon that decision for no real reason at all besides there either just not happy, or a true butt head.

Most times you can tell what kind of person they are just by looking at them or the initial contact words...but sometimes, as everybody does sadly, we misjudge who the real butt head is.

I had a student who, to say the least, looked like a 'deer in headlights' type of student. One that was never going to get my instructions and just become confused to the point that I would end up doing it myself...Sweet but maybe a little special in the inner-head department.  She came and I lucked out that there weren't any available computers at the first time and she left. I secretly thanked the Lord God above and prayed she didn't return, but thank our heavenly Father He knows what is best and doesn't always answer us.  She returned, while I was in the middle of a situation with the wonderful lady I have been blessed to work under and alongside, and low and behold but who walked in but whom I deemed the 'special' student.  Pam let me handle it since I had already talked with the student on what it was she was wanting (which I was soooo excited about) and grudgingly walked with her to the computer...

Well I had a surprise blessing and lesson that day!  She was such a joy to work with, understood what I told her, and was so amazed and exceedingly grateful for my help! She just had to show me her finished presentation's printout and happily went to her class to present it.  It really spoke to me about the Joy of the Lord and shining the light of Christ within us and left me feeling His love for us and everyone. It also made me look at myself and realize that I could definitely be categorized as a 'butt head'.

A few weeks later this was read during our morning power-up-a campus-wide daily ritual where we get news updates and thoughts to ponder upon and discuss, and sometimes a WOW story...boy was this a wow story to me! And I had the joy of helping create her presentation! I always make a point to greet this wonderful girl, daughter of the Most High God who helped me see how bright someones light can be. Helped me stop looking and judging what category everyone else was and look at myself and which one I could file myself into.

Here is her WOW story:

PASS Advisor Jasmine McMillan gives her First Year Experience students a project to present their “brand.” It could be a tag line, an item, a mission statement, or a picture that represents what they want to say about themselves to the world. When the students were making their presentations, the last student stood up with a picture of a bench. She began to tell her story with her tag line “Remember the bench”.
She then went on to say, “A few years ago, I was homeless and living on the streets. I had three children and nowhere to go. I finally got tired and reflected on my life. I knew there had to be something better and I wanted a better life for my children. I was lost and had no direction so I went online and typed the word “Life.” Life University came up in my search. I looked at the website and got excited about what could be and the opportunity it would bring for my children. So here I am now, a student before you. I am a living example of what could be and what you can achieve if you only believe. When times get hard, I always tell myself, “Remember the bench”. When times get rough in class, I say, “Remember the bench.” I encourage all of you to look at this picture and realize what you have and what could be…and remember the bench.” When she finished, no one in her class remained unmoved.

Each of us would also do well to remember our blessings…to remember the struggles…and remember the bench. 8/16

Life University Daily Power up-Monday 8/16/2010

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