Friday, April 8, 2011

Thinking in a New Way

*Originally written on May 27th, 2010*

God has really started to reveal my wrong thought patterns I've never noticed before so I'm going to confront them, and re-write them

Wrong thought:
I feel like whenever I'm full that I'm fat & ugly
Corrected thought:
Being full does not mean I'm fat, I am thin, fit & beautiful even when I"m full

Wrong thought:
Whenever I'm hungry I'm more attractive & beautiful, I have more self esteem and confidence
Corrected thought:
Being hungry & depriving myself does not make me more attractive or thinner, I am always beautiful no matter what. I have confidence in being a child of God and his holy temple and dwelling place. I have confidence in & through him and not myself or restricting or deprivation.

I never realized that just eating had such an effect on how I viewed sad is that?  But hey, at least I know it now and I'm working on correcting it

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