Friday, April 8, 2011

God Spots

*originally written on May 28th, 2010*

I was walking on the treadmill (since everyone is against me running till next week due to me being sick recently) and I was listening to Perry Stone on i-touch, 3 episodes of the Manna-Fest and the last one was "Revisit the place of the last visitation" or something of the sort on going back to the places the Lord really spoke to you, or visited you.  I really got to thinking about that got me thinking about where God has really showed to presence to me, where I have felt him the most.  That would definitely be outside in nature, one of my favorite ways to really reach and connect with the Lord is running on a trail, with trees, wind, sun, clouds, moon, stars, flowers, waters, mountains...I mean how can you NOT see the AWESOMENESS of God!  Truly all nature sings the majesty and fear of our Heavenly Father!  The world is his masterpiece and as an artist and art lover (& tree-hugger lol), I guess that might be why that's where I feel closest to him. That & its in my blood, my father lovedoutside, I think he truly expressed the nature God truly created within him. My grandmother on my mom's side also loves planting & has always had one of the greenest thumbs I've ever seen (besides my Dad's-no one's is as green as my Dad's is) & this love has been transferred into my mother now, & so I'm basically getting it on all sides!
It reminds me of the book the Giving Tree (it is a short read if you haven't) but in the book the boy always returns to the the tree thoughout his life whenever he needed something, even just a place to rest and feel loved & cared for, even as an old man, and that is what it reminds me of.  The Lord comforts me, holds me & shows himself whenever I am out in his creation, in his world he made that was very good...that he made especially for us to enjoy, respect, & take care of.
Anyhoo, my question to you is...
...So where is your God spot?

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