Tuesday, November 25, 2014

These dreams go on when I close my eyes

I never remember dreams and for once I remember 2 back-to-back involving the same person who recently hasn't even talked to me. Not sure if its cause that's been on my mind or what but its rare to NEVER that I remember dreams so I am writing them out in case something comes of them.

Sunday night dream

He called me, for the first time-I remember thinking it odd since he never has and was going to tell me something, needed to tell me something but got cut off and then I woke up

Monday night dream

I was heading (late) for a class which while it reminded me of the English class I took with Marie in college, I think was some health course.  He called me to remind me to bring a snack cause I wouldn't have time to eat. Once I arrived apparently the professor has asked the class to introduce themselves and tell the one thing they would've done if talent, ability, education, and knowledge weren't a problem. He had just spoken his mentioning someone like Charles Something. I went and sat in the back of the class and after he finished he got his stuff from the front and brought it to the back to desk beside me, along with a bowl of chicken noodle soup the professor apparently made for the class (which I found convenient). I was thinking of what I would say, which was a ballerina since that's what I always wanted to do as a child and still enjoy watching to this day, when I woke up.