Thursday, November 29, 2012

Words are paint, your imagination the paintbrush

So I've been reading The Hobbit, to refresh myself before I go see the movie (yes I am finally going to see a movie in an actual theater) and it brings to mind the benefits and pleasures of reading...

I know from the popularity of tablets that there still exists readers out there, but are we instilling that in our children? We are such a technologically advanced society, with games, toys, computers, movies, and shows, that create amazing fantasy worlds for us to escape to. But part of me wonders what ever happened to letting your own imagination do that?  Where working out works the body, puzzles and many games work the mind, reading-especially fiction-works the imagination. A coworker told me when he saw me reading The Hobbit, that he doesn't read books before movies because it'll ruin them. For me, I prefer to read the book first, because I want my own imagination and soul to form and create the world the author was painting with words, not the director.  Plus, as is commonly mentioned, there is so much more depth within the book that the movies just cannot possibly portray on such a limited canvas.

If you look at toys from generations past, so much involved the children being creative, thinking and pretending. I remember when I was a child I would play outside for hours, creating all kinds of adventures within my mind. Or if stuck indoors, I would pretend my bed was a boat, and sail and fish to all kinds of worlds! Simple toys that go past even my childhood required the use of the imagination, but now toys are so advanced it requires little to no creativity at all.

As we have progressed and advanced within society, our ability to create on our own has diminished. Think of how many movies are just remakes or followups now, not their own works but another persons redone.  Nowadays, kids just come home and sit in front of the television either watching or playing something or other.  Now I'm not saying we shouldn't play games, or watch television or movies (obviously since I'll be going to the theater myself soon) I have my own games I enjoy, and I love my iPad, but how about trying on a good fiction novel (minus the movie cover-if offered) for once?

Or how about giving a book for the holidays? A nice paperback...and yes, I am serious. There is something with holding an actual book, the smell, and turning the pages that cannot be replaced. The only reason I honestly enjoy reading now is because my sister's boyfriend (now husband of 10+ years) gave me one of his fiction novels and told me he thought I'd enjoy it.  I hated the idea of reading honestly, but to be nice I gave it a try, and was hooked ever since!  My first, and favorite fiction novel?

Of course I'm a dork so now I own the hardback copy myself, along with the follow up book The Black House

Anyhoo, that's my book rant for the evening.  I write this because I forgot myself how much a good fiction novel can do for the soul, but a mistake I hopefully won't make again. That is a sad fact to admit seeing as I work in a library, but sometimes life, work, and stresses get in the way and we all forget the simple pleasures.

On other news, yesterday I did my last session for burpees! I hate those things so hopefully they won't be in the next phase's workouts! By the way her next bootcamp challenge (#4) will start on January 7th but will open for registration on December 3 until the 31st!  Getting past my complaints on the burpees (it's only because they work-which makes them hurt lol) I highly recommend it and it's not that expensive at all, only $25 for 8 weeks!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful holiday ramblings

Holiday randomness!

So though this past week has been hectic worth everything, yesterday was quite nice.  It started early as my sister Tin and I ran the MUST Ministries Gobblejog

It's our second year running, and I must say I love our new tradition! Especially since they replay the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade now so I can still watch our second tradition!

My Favorite part you ask?

The New York Radio City Rockettes!  I like the broadway shows before the parade also, but of all of it, I always look forward to watching the Rockettes, maybe because I wanted to be one when I was young. After that, some of the floats of course like Charite Brown, Snoopy, Kermit the Frog, and my other favorite performance...the Fred Hill and his Briefcase Drill Team. Too funny.

Before the parade, we shaved our doggies, one being a cute little dog named Jasper (my little buddy-besides Lieba of course) and then washed all three of the little guys. Jasper then picked out a sweater...yes HE picked out a sweater, he can and loves them THAT much.

After that we cleaned up, watched the replay of the parade, and helped with Food. Then watched...

 What I like about it, besides the Peanuts, is also the extra they have on the DVD, "The Mayflower Voyagers" where it goes over the pilgrims first thanksgiving, a nice reminder of the history behind the holiday.

 For dinner my brother-in-law smoked a turkey breast, we fixed some turkey thighs and gravy, brussel sprouts, along with some mashed potatoes and dressing I couldn't eat. My mother was sweet enough to alter the Sweet Potato Souffle so I could eat it (and eat way too much might I admit). We started a new tradition of then going over we were thankful for and with all that is going on in all our lives, it's nice to redirect our thoughts and hearts to remember how much blessings we really have.

For dessert I had made Chocolate-Covered Katie's Crustless Pumpkin Pie in place of the pumpkin cheesecake my mother made for everyone else.

I used her picture since it's such a good one. I added the optional oil and it turned out nicely, I topped mine with the low (almost no) sugar 7-minute frosting my sister left and crumbled a gingersnap cookie (which I also ate some of with some of my cookie butter lol) I almost didn't have room for it at all...almost...but somehow I found some. :)

Black Friday started out with sleeping in, a cup of coffee (yes I was naughty) and relaxing with my mother. I did end up going out to get ONE thing from Kohls, which wasn't as horrible as I had imagined, probably because we went at about 9:30am after the mad rush died. Although I still would rather not have had to go, there was something we needed to get for a gift for someone...and we were successful!

My mom then tried making me some dairy-free biscuits for brunch (also a naughty since my doctor probably wouldn't approve) which we ate with some eggs, turkey bacon, low-sugar jams, and some fresh fruit.

I finally got myself out to workout. I did Cardio C and Workout C from Tina's Best Body Fitness and it was tiring more then I thought, but definitely made me feel better after such a lazy and overeating few days. This week she's had me doing burpees which while working me out well, reminded me why I dislike them so...well just one more week of them!

Tomorrow I get to run with a friend and then sometime head to my sister Tina's house with my other sister and brother-in-law for a sister's gaming weekend!  Confusing-sounding but fun all the same! I'm not much of a gamer but hanging out with my sisters and brothers by marriage can't be replaced. The only other update I have is I may be having to get myself a christmas present of a car, I'm not thinking Black Betty my black acura integra wont be making it much longer.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Art & Exercising Faith

So quickie update: workouts going well, even for how crazy this week has been. Didn't end up doing the interval workout Tina & Best Body Bootcamp had planned and took Ride class instead, but I'm going to try and fit it in (at least partly) today...were going to see how I work things out next week with Thanksgiving and the MUST Ministries Gobblejog!  So excited by the way :). Side note my bodyfat has improved again with weight remining normal, so so far so good though!

Wednesday my lifetime best friend had her Fall Senior Art Exhibit at Kennesaw State University which I got to go to (after my very quick workout) and it was totally worth it!  She has such amazing talent and has worked so hard to get that far, with a soon-to-have degree (come December) and a beautiful, expressive, and curious little red-haired girl to show for it. 

Walking around taking in all the artists work, it was awesome. Taking in the different ways each one expresses themselves. Then we would stand back and observe how others examined her piece, took it in, absorbing it, and then their reactions afterwards. 

I'm so glad I got to be there for her and take part in this memory! As we talked and waited for her family to come, I wouldn't have traded my standing spot to anyone. 

On a different note, something that has been on my mind recently is joy and faith. I've been really praying for a more of a joyous, uplifting spirit (and I've probably blogged about it I'm sure) and working on choosing to have one. Something the Lord really revealed to me recently was that my problem was not just in choosing joy but in faith and trust, and my lack thereof. If I really had faith in the Lord, believed God really was in control, and trusted Him with everything I would have nothing to be down about. 

" Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me? hope thou in God: for I shall yet praise him for the help of his countenance." Psalm 42:5 KJV

"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the Lord is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him." 2 Samuel 22:31 KJV

"And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee." Psalm 9:10 KJV

 "The Lord is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower." Psalm 18:2 KJV

 "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proberbs 3:5-6 KJV

So now I guess that means I have a new goal! Not just to have a more joyous spirit, and to be more positive and uplifting, but also in trusting in my heavenly Father COMPLETELY and trusting in Him with all of me.

to end on a random note...I have a strange desire to sing old hymns...and also happy Friday!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fun Friday

Update time!

Best Body Bootcampin' is going well! This week I thought mentally would be hard ended up being a nice mixup!  It helped me realize that less traditional cardio on cardio machines isn't the end of the world and wont make me huge... 

I meant that too...the support of the group is awesome and mixed with a leader who feels already like a sister--and she is, a sister in Christ (and fellow Georgian). I guess I'm just not used to it really, but honestly I'm going to hate it when the 8 weeks are over! Luckily there will be another to follow I can sign up for :)

I had to take a rain check for my Thursday's cardio + core day to go to my Dr. Goldberg appointment, which under the circumstances of me screwing up and eating allergy foods went well. No new foods for over the holidays but they are still proud of the progress I've made thus far.

After all that I think that I may follow fellow blogger Tina's "A Little Fun" blog post  and do the

Last Chance Survey

Last food you ate…

Some blueberry coconut yogurt, along with a grapefruit and a spoon-topped with homemade pistachio-butter

Last beverage you drank…

Water, my favorite :) Other then that I had some hot peppermint tea yesterday at the doctors and then with Chelsi last night at Starbucks

Last workout…

As previously mentioned I had to move Thursday's workout to Sunday so I last did Wednesday's workout, consisting of Isometric Hold Sets and Cardioblasts with some cardio added...quite a good workout might-I-add!

Last thing you pinned…

The Tamale Shepherd’s Pie that Tina mentioned in her blog. It sounded so good I couldn't help myself lol

Last text message you sent…

To my sister Elena seeing if I could get her to window shop walk with my mother so she'll get some exercise!

Last blog you visited…

If you couldn't guess Tina's then you're special :)

Last tweet you sent…

besides to birds, I don't  tweet

Last place you visited…

other then work?  Starbucks with Chelsi for our weekly date :)

Last time you did ab work…

Wednesday, last time I did a focus on abs would be Tuesday. Today I will be doing some after work though!

Last show you watched…

I don't really watch tv much, especially shows so I can't honeslty recall the last one I watched, I think a Science channel show on Saturn...but last thing I watched would be the movie Hatchi (which yes, made me cry)

Last thing you baked…

Salmon, or probably broiled, sweet potato fries would be baked...which technically my mom did, not me, but I can't recall the last thing I baked...probably the potato skins...I like to spray with oil and season and bake them into healthy fries!

Last thing you instagrammed…

 My little Leiba's new sweater!

isn't she cute!

Last item on your to-do list today…


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ponderings upon God's love

Week 2 of Tina's Best Body Bootcamp & I'm still loving it, although frightened of the next few weeks...first change is always hard for me anyhoo but mixed with her decrease in the amount of traditional cardio is really hard for me.  I cling to my cardio machine workouts, not just because it's what I prefer to but also because I somehow feel this will help me keep my weight down or off and if I stop or lessen too much I have the unrealistic feat that I will suddenly somehow get HUGE.

Silly for normal people I'm sure but true, its my Linus blanket...that and the scale, I weigh myself once a week but honestly I get worried that if I don't I'll start to gain weight and not realize it (which to be honest with myself, is highly unlikely.

Well, we all have things to work on...those are a few of my long-term goals I guess...slowly but surely.

Diet-wise I've rebelled a tid-bit but I'm doing alright, I have an appointment this week (which will also disturb my new workout routine grr....) but I'll be glad to get updated. Hopefully my week of accidental screw-up allergy consumption wont delay adding some more foods. 

My best friend Chelsi's couple shower went well :)  While I did stress a little bit (okay so probably more then a little teehee) she is totally worth it!  And it was fun once it got started.  I'm supposed to go with her and her fiance to look at boots at Horsetown, cannot wait! 

My other best friend Marie is going to have her work displayed at the Fall Senior Show at Kennesaw State University! I'm so excited for her! She's worked so hard. She graduates December 14th and she has me a ticket! I'm so glad she wants me to be there, it means a LOT to me :] I know many people hate graduations, and no they aren't the most exciting things, but to be there to help celebrate this person's hard earned achievement, to know my presence meant that much...

My mother is going to be publishing her life story!  Some publisher is interested so I'm so excited for her!  She has amazing stories to tell, to witness to how many others!

Lastly, I keep seeing people falling away from the God...and He has been putting on my heart a lot lately that the reason is because we focus so much on how we feel and the people around us, instead of the relationship. We look at the people in the church and the rules of the church, and define God by them and their standards. Humanity has added far too much politics for something God intended to be so simple, and while I go I try to stay out of all that stuff and just go for God and for myself, for renewal.
 Before Christ came when all we had was the law, yes there were crazy rules and regulations, but He came to fulfill the law that we couldn't.  He made up for our epic fail.  Afterwards would be the Acts church, which we've taken and tweaked to add all kind of politics and pharisutical crap and honestly its original purpose was for believers and followers of Christ and God the Father to gather together to praise Him, discuss thoughts, and come together in prayers.  That's it. Nothing more.  All of Paul's written letters were him trying to redirect the churches he established back to that from the sinful nature they kept incorporating inside it.

It's kind of along the same lines of the message Dr. David Jeremiah has been preaching about also recently, and I highly recommend listening to anything from him!

I know I've said and wrote it often but...
God is love, Christ died so we can accept that love and live in that love and that's really all we need. 

That's it, seriously.