Friday, April 8, 2011

What can a wife do for a husband?

*Originally written November 14th, 2010*

I hear so many preachers, women, men, books, talk shows, psychologists, therapists, & many others always talk about what a women really want that will help with the relationship...but something seems lacking to me, it's so one-sided. I want to hear what a wife can do for her husband.  Why is it we always focus on the female, I guess because were so hard to  read and tend to just expect our men to know what we want...but love is self-sacrificing.  It isn't that I think it not that important what women want and need, it is!  But its also important for us to talk with our husbands, our men, and TELL THEM OURSELVES!  I think it will form more of a bond, a mutual respect for one another, by confronting and talking about your needs and each other's needs.  You will grow closer not just by talking to each other about your more intimate needs but also by doing each other's more intimate needs.

Anyways, I'm not married, and I'm not a man obviously, so if there are men or husbands that read this, let the world know what it is YOU want in a marriage, in a wife, in a God-centered relationship...what you need from us...what can a wife do for a husband.

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