Friday, April 8, 2011

Intertwine with Him

*Originally written on November 11th, 2010*

Due to weather, I've ran on my treadmill the last few times, and last week I ran after my girl appointment...a big day for me since I've not weighed myself for about a month, & along with some health concerns it was a day I was awaiting to get over with.  Well after that lovely appointment I ran my long run at home, and  once I reached 8.5 miles I decided to go and run the last 1.5 and make it 10 miles.  Well that last 1.5 miles were the ones God really spoke to me, but what was more amazing (and disgusting really) was I've never sweated like I did then in my life. It was a sticky thicker kinda sweat that seemed to ooze from everywhere yucko-ness.

To me, it felt like God was purging me of something, what I'm not entirely sure...maybe Ed and all my eating issues, maybe something else He has yet to reveal...

This week He just focused me on trusting Him and not always needing some proof or growth, but enjoying just the everyday with God and letting Him guide you in the way you should go...learning His voice and guidance within your own individual life and relationship with Him.

 Oh yes and His sunrise today was a beautiful blue & pink gently swirlled together.  With the sun shinning a dark gold behind the amber, and crimson leaves as it starts its decent.

It reminded me of how God has made us to intertwine with Him, for now and all eternity. How beautiful of a thought that is to me!

random thoughts from a few runs I thought I'd pass along!

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