Friday, April 8, 2011

popping the 'zits' of life

*Originally posted on May 25th, 2010*

You can look at bad situations two ways-at how much they suck or what God is really trying to reveal to you, how his trying to help you grow.  I have had eating issues before, but I thought I had gotten through them, but after a while I was having issues getting my weight back up again...which kinda I figured was the LORD showing me that I wasn't as 'over it' as I thought I was...

Its like God got me to the worst I could possibly go, and let me drop there to show me what I was becoming, and who I didn't want to be...after getting confronted by family, friends and then work, I started trying to get help

Once I start to realize I needed to get better, regardless if I really saw the truth or not, I made an appointment to see a wellness coach, who after so many HELLO GOD IS HERE moments showing me that I'm going the right direction, his direction, and I have a plan, and I'm meeting up with the coach to get some tips at the gym, on how far I should go and shouldn't go while I'm trying to gain weight and muscle...and what should happen but I get sick!  I had to cancel and reschedule in the future whenever I get better.

Normally, the flesh side of me would ask why but while in the bath (I love bath revelations lol) that the time before, the time with the friend was the time of purging, He had to bring it all to the surface so that He could bring me to the next phase, of cleaning me.  That's kinda what getting sick represents, an outward showing of an inward change.

As gross of an example as it is, it reminds me of a zit, you have to have all the puss yuckness rise to the surface, so that it can be released and cleaned.  If you try to do it yourself and  force it, like I did the first time, the zit then comes back and sometimes with a swollen vengeance, and can even end up scaring you...but if you let them run their course, you let God do his work in you then it will clear up TOTALLY...

So the next time your life really sucks, or maybe just the next time you have a zit, remember God and that everything has a purpose and with patience all will come to surface and be revealed :)

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