Saturday, July 16, 2011

Your Breath Takes My Breath Away

Your breath takes my breath away,
blowing oh so gently through every strand of hair,
numbered and named by You.
Walking underneath Your covering, 
part of me yearns for You,
in ways which are incomprehensible, untouchable.

Only You understand this feeling from within.
A love deeper than I can fathom grabs hold of my soul,
through the quiet I hear you,
through the forest I see your face,
as it smiles upon me.
The warmth of your embrace.

Take time to love me,
take time to notice I'm there.
To feel my presence within you,
beside you,
before you,
following after you,
protecting you,
holding you.

You are the peace amongst the chaos of my inner spirit,
Calming the storm within my mind's eye.
Grasping hold of the only true parts of me,
piecing me, molding me back together into the shape of Your palm,
each crease and wrinkle defining who I am.

How can we feel alone?  Today I realized that alone is not a state of being of a state of mind. We can be physically alone or alone within a crowd, alone within our minds.

I needed peace.  His peace.

Walking on the trail today, absorbing Him, getting some quality God time in where I feel the most at peace. I could feel Him there, just loving me,
enjoying me.

I needed that, I needed the warmth of Him and His love, His presence.  There I finally grasped the concept that every time I felt alone in my life,

He was there.

I felt the sadness He felt as I ignored and rejected His love so I could cry in my self-imposed misery.   But even with all that, His overwhelming love and affection comforting me, pressing us forward. 

No, I wont live in the past mistakes I've made. I wont dwell on the pain of my own past, but on the pain of His as we continue down this nature trail, trees and nature singing His we walk hand in hand. 

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