Saturday, July 16, 2011

more of the happy

43. ROFLOLing...or getting a bad case of the uncontrollable giggles

44. Monty Python & stupid dry humor

45. Peanut butter & natural fruit jam on a good quality whole grain bread

46. All kinds of berries

 47. Kiwis and the way the fuzz feels against my cheek

48. Hoodies, especially my old black Led Zeppelin hoodie, may it RIP

49. Audrey Hepburn & her movies

50. All of God's amazing creatures

51. birds singing their songs to the Lord

52. Pedicures and getting my toes painted cute with my family
(especially matching toes with Tina teehee)

53. Getting into deep conversations involving the silliest subjects
(this is to you Elena =]~ )

54. A freshly cleaned (& organized) home

55. Water, especially a cold glass of it :)

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