Monday, July 4, 2011

Solar Powered Light of Christ

After waiting for my dear Lieba to pee for over an hour this morning, going to bed probably around 2am & waking around 6:40am, my lack of sleep started to get to me as frustration crept in. Finally heading inside covered in insect bites, I cannot say I bonded with nature quite like I had planned on.  So I had to reevaluate my decision to run outside this morning or not.

As I finally headed out the door intending to drive to the gym, I felt a tugging at me, the Lord pushing me toward the trail, and I decided that I shouldn't start off my morning in that kind of mood, I needed to bond with God...I needed some time just Him & me, some quiet time where I feel the most, at home. 

It started off normal, except I had no iPod, headphones, ID bracelet, no heart rate monitor, no water belt, just me.  With the heat down I ran faster than I have for awhile, just finding comfort in His presence. No divine revelations for I don't need them now, just Him holding me as I went.  Turning at my halfway mark I started just talking to God, and realized-I am a solar powered light of Christ, refueling myself with each run! 
After this I had a desire to just sign hymns to Him, and as various old songs played through my head, one stuck out.

Jesus Loves Me

Jesus loves me this I know,
for the Bible tells me so,
little ones to Him belong,
they are weak, but He is strong!
Yes, Jesus loves me,
yes, Jesus loves me,
yes, Jesus loves me,
for the Bible tells me so.

Its funny how such a simple childhood song can have such truth.  So many of my problems have arose from me forgetting these simple truths.  So many would've been kept from so much pain had we just remembered these simple truths.  Jesus does love me, we belong to Him no matter what.  We may be weak, we may fail, fall down, screw up, make mistakes, but He is strong, He is with us, holding us, & covering us no matter what and He will get us through every & all situations that arise in our lives. 

Yes, Jesus loves me.
Yes, Jesus loves you,
Yes, Jesus loves all

And if we would just read, absorb, take in & think upon His word the Holy Bible we would remember these & learn so much more about Him, feel so much more of Him.

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