Thursday, September 11, 2014

Running about with nowhere to go

Today I went it alone for my 5 miles and headed close to the busy street leading to the Silver Comet Trail. After the attack it's still weird for me to run there, but I really enjoyed it and did way better on my time today.  While yesterday just staying above 10 mph was good, today I stayed above 9 mph and actually hung out around 8:30 for an average mph.

I then rushed home, against my usual desire I made a quick chicken onion healthier quesadilla with avocado, salsa, and some homemade pinto beans with it...and then rushed back out to go for group workout...where Isabel and I ended up talking and having nobody show up.

I do think God used it, we had a great conversation and she helped me face some things about myself I need to deal with and work on. One being my self esteem and self confidence. I need to learn to trust myself and stand up for me. She also suggested us running a half together which I am totally game for!

Anyways we never ended up working out and I  headed back home where I tried doing some squats and lunges really quick, but I think I over stretched my right hip so squats didn't happen very well... 

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