Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Taking back the trail

So  I know I missed a post from my first long run on a road, and then Mondays run before I even get to today's.

Saturday was a 12 mile run and my first long run on a paved trail. I ran straight from my house to the Silver Comet and brought one goo thing to take half way. It went well and I ran faster then I thought I'd be able to, hitting an average of 8:30 minute per mile.  The weather has been great so that mixed with actually taking a supplement really helped my time.

 yes that is a Vulcan salute 

 my time was really better but I did a cool-down which killed the pace per mile on the bottom, I've still not loaded my data off the Garmin so this is all I've got. I want to put it on a new laptop but doubt that I should spend the money on it, so until I decide to this will have to do.

It was so nice to see so many runners and people on the trails Saturday morning!  Women running in pairs as well as some running alone like myself, as well as men and families.  We cannot let fear control us and scare us away from doing what we love.

Together we can take back the trails.

Monday Tina and I ran at the gym, so nothing very exciting except we got to watch Bones, I've never ran to a show before really so it was interesting.

Today I decided to run the advanced run of 8 instead of the 5 I usually do, mainly cause Saturday I won't be able to do my long run since I'm running the Savage race with a friend that is coming up from Florida.  Again the weather was amazing and Oreo even ran the whole thing with me.  I think that doing the same route (he's a bit scared of cars and cyclists) we always ran in the neighborhood was getting to him so I risked it and took him on the trail which really helped power him.

I will admit that I miss my runs with the Lord...I hate that the idea of trying to run again without music and just my thoughts and prayers to God. The idea of being quiet before Him as nature surrounds me sounds great but impossible for me. I guess at least I still have the desire to be with Him intimately. I just have to find a way we can.

I think training for my marathon, knowing I have certain distances and speeds I need to reach is making it harder, but after I've achieved this I want to return to these calmer runs. The runs I did just for fun, just to being with my heavenly Father.

On a side note we had to reschedule our Prophecy group to Thursday this week in place of Tuesday so cannot wait for that!

Lastly, the group workout I had mentioned in a few posts didn't workout. Which does show me that I think God has me going in a different direction, but at least allowed me to meet two wonderful people along the way. Now I have the rest of this year to save and think about becoming a substitute Ride instructor for Gold's, if they still need one by then.

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