Tuesday, September 9, 2014

rollin' with my homies and the prophecy group

So today was a cross training day, so I took r30 at Gold's gym, a 30 minute bike class at the gym and then hit a back & arms workout before heading home.  Some of the instructors have talked to me about getting certified to teach ride and becoming a substitute instructor...I didn't realize I was good enough for that. Being a white girl I fit the stereotype of having no rhythm...really I can dance the running man and the macarena.  After discussing with two instructors I respect and looking into it, I cannot afford the training currently and with my marathon training schedule and Team Strong starting I don't want to add it to my schedule, plus it's too expensive to get certified. I'm hoping at the start of next year I might be able to though.

(old picture from my birthday but hey it's what I had)

On Tuesdays I've started attending a Prophecy small group, my mother and her friend host, Sharron and Sharon. I kinda think of it as the Prophecy group by Sharron2, two Sharon's for the price of one. Every Tuesday we discuss current events relating to the bible and end times prophecy. My mother has done so much research in this and shared with Sharon, and I've read a bunch she's recommended so it's been very interesting and people I've not even thought originally would be interested have really taken to it so it's been really great.

It brings to mind Acts and the early rain when the church was in the houses, and now the latter rain should be the same.  I don't seem to really feel God and the Lord in church the way I used to, while I go, it seems more about the church as a government then it really does a relationship with the Lord God Almighty.  And with so much going on nowadays that is an obvious sign of the times, it's nice to get together with other believers and discuss what God has been putting on our hearts, encouraging each other, praying, and just the fellowship.  It gives me hope in a world that has so little in it.

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