Saturday, September 13, 2014

trail running to honor

So after work yesterday I split my warm up between the arc trainer and the stair climber, 15 minutes each thanks to my friend who convinced me to push myself and do the stairs (I almost didn't worrying about my knee-which did totally fine). I then did upper body and back, still working on my unassisted pull-up goal, even though I'm taking a break from attempting them.

I started my morning finally trying to have something to prepare (I usually workout on an empty stomach on Saturday mornings just cause I don't feel up to anything) and did a shake with some unsweetened almond milk, which was light enough I could handle it but filling enough for the adventure that awaited me. I'm really loving this protein powder by P4P! No sponsoring needed for me either I just really do like the protein powder, it's good quality stuff. Thanks to Kenneth  (use his code Hulk15 to save 15%) for introducing me to it. I have the ice cream sandwich flavor now but need to try the chocolate lol.

Today I chose to do my first long run on Sweetwater Creek State Park with a group of friends. It was a slower run but it was really fun and way more challenging for me then just running on the paved roads and trails I'm accustomed to. 

After getting slightly off course the first lap, having to slow to a walk a little during the rocky edge near the river, I finished at 6 miles and one of the guys ran a second lap with me for the remaining 5 (since I really am not supposed to run alone, although I do it got kinda empty there sometimes). It was really nice to run with someone again, although I felt bad cause I knew I was holding him back. He told me what someone told him once, something like a runners oath, "you run with those faster then you to push you, and in turn run with those slower then you to pass the same along to another".  If I can run with people slower then me, I need to learn to be okay with running with people faster then me again.  

He also let me have his coconut water which I don't drink often cause usually I find it kinda gross, but this was actually good!

My long run was supposed to only be 10 miles but I upped it 1 for a virtual run I wanted to do, 11 on the 11th, or for me 11th for the 11th. I couldn't afford it and a new friend surprised me and bought the virtual entry for me!  So grateful and honored that he would, it made this mean even more then it already did. Not only running with friends, but now for a friend, who cannot run anymore. Plus running for our country and those that helped others and lost their lives that horrible day in 2001. While the one act spoke of the horror of humanity, the response after shows the love and greatness that we are capable of!  We can do so much when we come together in love.

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