Thursday, June 30, 2011

Time Ticking Away

So much happens so quickly nowadays, it's hard to keep a hold on time and not letting it get wasted away...

Today is Leap Second Adjustment Time, one of the times that have been favored for the addition or subtraction of a second from our clock time to coordinate atomic and astronomical time. The determination to adjust is made by the International Earth Rotation Service of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, at Paris, France.

This brings to my mind thoughts of the value of time, of seconds.  We tend to think of time as so fixed and finite but in reality, maybe not so much?

"But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day." 2 Peter 3:8 KJV

How do we then define time, how does one go about having the 'time of their lives'?  I don't think humanity really has a hold of what it is to begin with.  To me then, it's the quality of our moments on this earth that I define as time.

This is something that has been bouncing within my brain-quality versus quantity of time.  We are always looking for more time, we want to live longer lives but what's the use of having a mass quantity of years here if the quality of the time was pathetic?

Who lived a fuller life, a baby who dies in the hands of its mother in perfect peace, with love and immense joy...or an extremely old man, angry and alone, with no friends and loved ones?

I think we all search for more time because we secretly realize how much of time we have wasted so far and are scared to try and discover something worthy within ourselves to express our lives by.  Maybe we all have a fear that we have no depth or quality, so we'd rather keep delaying our finish line to see if we will ever discover something worth anything. The truth is that the only good thing inside, the only thing that gives us quality, is the Lord God almighty.  Jesus within each of us, His Holy Spirit, is the only part that really can add to this life anything of value.

Strange as it is, I started this on a run (shocker I know) after a friend wanted me to help them get back into running.  Everybody who wants to always tells me that they don't want to hold me back, but in reality they aren't, they add to me.

Yes, I can run pretty far compared to some people, but also when looking at others my miles seem slow and pathetic, just a warm up for multi-day runners.  What makes a run worth anything is the experience you have during.  My time with God the Father, or wonderful conversations with friends are what truly define a good run I think, not how hard I pushed myself...not how fast I ran...not how many calories I just burned...not how high is my heart rate...not how out of breath I am...& not how many people I passed along the way.

Like with dancing, I don't think it's about how well someone on step they were, but more how much of themselves they poured into it...this is what I love about art and dance honestly, seeing people expressed so openly.

This concept I then realized applies to me whether your talking about a physical run, spiritual run, or just the running of our lives.


  1. such a great reminder to cherish EVERY moment we have with the ones we love, because none of us are promised tomorrow :)

    love you!

  2. "I think we all search for more time...because of time we have wasted..." Awesome quote right there! So true!
    And I look forward to learning to be more of a spiritual exerciser; to be healthy for me.