Sunday, June 12, 2011

Be Joyous

So my best friend Chelsi started this 100 things that bring her joy-picture list thing, & my sister Elena started one also.  Seeing both of theirs I wondered what I would put on my own.  So here part of it is!

1. God the Father

2. Jesus Christ my Savior

3. Holy Spirit who guides me

4. God's Word, the Holy Bible

5. Psalm 139

6. running in nature with God

7. Childhood forever friends-Marie Jernigan

8. hanging out with best friends, people who accept you for who you are

 9. Hikes or Nature walks (esp with my Chelsibabe)

10. Being with my sisters

11. accidentally falling asleep on the couch with my mom

12. veggies/ fresh produce

13. Salads

13. Salads

14. growing things

15. going to the theater/orchestra

16. musieums, especially art

17. Ballets

18. the night sky/star-gazing

19. Sunrises & Sunsets, whether outside running or in my car.

20. Cat head rubs

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