Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Sad Poem from an 8-year-old's Heart

Yesterday in Florida, my Grandmother's ashes were finally buried and put to rest along with the last memorial service. In honor of this and my first Mother's Day without the oldest mother I've known, my own Mother's mom, here is a poem my second cousin (an 8-year-old girl) wrote for her that they read at the burial.

A Sad Poem
By Skylar Alonzo

It is scary in times of need.
Pray and pray till your knees can't breathe.
I hoped you would live so I can give.
I wish you weren't in heaven.
I prayed and cried so you would not die.
I tried and cared so you could say your prayers.
I cried and cried when you died.
It is hard to stay strong when you hear a sad sad song.
You were so nice even though I was wrong.
You gave me money even though you were so sick.
I loved you so much it was like a love touch.
I wish you were back and so does Zack.
I had to say goodbye even though I wanted to cry.
When you left I was so sad I wanted to cry.
I miss and love you so like cookie dough.
I have a couple of your treasures I treat them like the most valuable
things in the world.
Goodbye I must go cry.
I love you so I must say goodbye.

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