Friday, May 24, 2013


 I don't try to do a lot of these, but heck why not? Here's one from a Peanut Butter Fingers blog I thought was entertaining enough to pass some time at work:

Current Book(s):
I have two I'm reading, one is titled Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity, by Chuck Missler

Other then that, I'm reading over a coworkers-husband's-friend's novel called Paradise by Mark Cahill, it's alright so far, but not really my cup of tea for a fiction novel, christian or otherwise. 

Current Music:
A new alternative radio station called radio 105.7 (96.7) which I'm totally rockin' to, otherwise just Christian Contemporary really.

Current Guilty Pleasure:
Coffee, I drink way more then I should

Current Nail Color:
Natural with little old flakes of purple on my toes. Next pedicure I'm thinking bright pink, light green of some sorts, or maybe white with a cute design...who knows!
Current Drink:
Flavored Sparkling &/or carbonated water (sugar free)

Current Food:
baby carrots and fruit

Current Favorite Show:
The Big Bang Theory with my sister at the gym, otherwise Bones & Fringe! Thanks to Netflix!

Current Wish List:
$300 to go to a homeschooling certificate training thing with my friend Chelsi! Also a new mattress, and money to catch my pets up at the vet...and a new fridge cause ours is dying sadly :(

Current needs:
A haircut, pedicure

Current Indulgence:
Coconut Ice cream! 

Current Blessing:
My friends and family, and all the love God provides for me every day through them and others! Also having a car that works well seeing as two members of my family can't say that!

Current Outfit:
yoga pants & a Life University tee with sparkly flip-flops for an easy change for the gym (which I'll be heading to soon!)

Current Excitement:
The Supercon with my friend Marie and her little girl Charlotte June 1st and then a massage with my friend Chelsi Sunday!

That did it I think, off to workout with a friend! Have an awesome Memorial day weekend!

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