Sunday, December 22, 2013

Naked Ugliness, continued...

It is very weird to be inspired to draw something like this while at church, when the pastor is preaching about Christ's goodness and power in Revelation...but God has his own timing on things...

now I warn you that I've not drawn in over 7 years, and I only have a middle school art education but here it is. It is titled The Embrace although it is my version of what I wrote about in a previous post.

How much I cannot wait to open up to someone, for someone to see my ugly side and accept it willingly. It's hard for me to believe that someone ever will truly accept me for all of me. It's easy to say but when it comes down to it, will my ugly side be acceptable? Or maybe it's my inability to accept my ugly side myself which makes me think this...and maybe the day I finally find that person who does, it will help me be able to accept my ugliness for myself. 
Coming downOne love, two mouthsOne love, one houseNo shirt, no blouseJust us, you find out
Nothing that I wouldn't wanna tell you about, no, no, no 
This verse also does bring my desire to stand with someone, bearing all physically and feel their warmth against mine...hey I am a person!  It's not something I was going to put but to be totally open I will.  The idea of one day having the warmth of someone else's skin against mine, chest to chest, excites me.  Being someone who is always cold, getting warm and being embraced by something other then a hoodie or blanket sounds awesome.

 I'm not sure how much I like this, but it's a step toward something...I'm hoping God will inspire me further and perhaps I can develop my passion more. It is very hard for me to post this, publicly, it is like opening a very intimate secret part of myself for everyone but I am anyways, at least on here.

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  1. What you said about finding and embracing that special person is endearing and pure in heart. And the drawing is simplistic and embodies the words that you feel. I enjoyed this blog.