Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful holiday ramblings

Holiday randomness!

So though this past week has been hectic worth everything, yesterday was quite nice.  It started early as my sister Tin and I ran the MUST Ministries Gobblejog

It's our second year running, and I must say I love our new tradition! Especially since they replay the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade now so I can still watch our second tradition!

My Favorite part you ask?

The New York Radio City Rockettes!  I like the broadway shows before the parade also, but of all of it, I always look forward to watching the Rockettes, maybe because I wanted to be one when I was young. After that, some of the floats of course like Charite Brown, Snoopy, Kermit the Frog, and my other favorite performance...the Fred Hill and his Briefcase Drill Team. Too funny.

Before the parade, we shaved our doggies, one being a cute little dog named Jasper (my little buddy-besides Lieba of course) and then washed all three of the little guys. Jasper then picked out a sweater...yes HE picked out a sweater, he can and loves them THAT much.

After that we cleaned up, watched the replay of the parade, and helped with Food. Then watched...

 What I like about it, besides the Peanuts, is also the extra they have on the DVD, "The Mayflower Voyagers" where it goes over the pilgrims first thanksgiving, a nice reminder of the history behind the holiday.

 For dinner my brother-in-law smoked a turkey breast, we fixed some turkey thighs and gravy, brussel sprouts, along with some mashed potatoes and dressing I couldn't eat. My mother was sweet enough to alter the Sweet Potato Souffle so I could eat it (and eat way too much might I admit). We started a new tradition of then going over we were thankful for and with all that is going on in all our lives, it's nice to redirect our thoughts and hearts to remember how much blessings we really have.

For dessert I had made Chocolate-Covered Katie's Crustless Pumpkin Pie in place of the pumpkin cheesecake my mother made for everyone else.

I used her picture since it's such a good one. I added the optional oil and it turned out nicely, I topped mine with the low (almost no) sugar 7-minute frosting my sister left and crumbled a gingersnap cookie (which I also ate some of with some of my cookie butter lol) I almost didn't have room for it at all...almost...but somehow I found some. :)

Black Friday started out with sleeping in, a cup of coffee (yes I was naughty) and relaxing with my mother. I did end up going out to get ONE thing from Kohls, which wasn't as horrible as I had imagined, probably because we went at about 9:30am after the mad rush died. Although I still would rather not have had to go, there was something we needed to get for a gift for someone...and we were successful!

My mom then tried making me some dairy-free biscuits for brunch (also a naughty since my doctor probably wouldn't approve) which we ate with some eggs, turkey bacon, low-sugar jams, and some fresh fruit.

I finally got myself out to workout. I did Cardio C and Workout C from Tina's Best Body Fitness and it was tiring more then I thought, but definitely made me feel better after such a lazy and overeating few days. This week she's had me doing burpees which while working me out well, reminded me why I dislike them so...well just one more week of them!

Tomorrow I get to run with a friend and then sometime head to my sister Tina's house with my other sister and brother-in-law for a sister's gaming weekend!  Confusing-sounding but fun all the same! I'm not much of a gamer but hanging out with my sisters and brothers by marriage can't be replaced. The only other update I have is I may be having to get myself a christmas present of a car, I'm not thinking Black Betty my black acura integra wont be making it much longer.


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