Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 1: DONE!

Well it's been my first week on Tina Reale's Best Body Bootcamp and it turned out as good as I hoped so far.  I was really worried at first because I didn't think I was going to be that sore after the circuit and that it would work my legs more then I wanted but I was wrong! My arms are killing me (in a good way) and I'm definitely being challenged in new ways, and learning new workout moves. I've always done better with someone else guiding my workouts so this is perfect for me, since she makes me do my weights, and in a way that I enjoy more. She did make me cut back on my cardio, but I'm working on being alright with that, I knew she probably would so it's just an accepting thing at this point.

Plus she gives us goals, and I've decided since she's giving me the physical activity goals, my doctor is kinda giving me food guidelines, I'm going to kinda do maybe one goal that is more physical/mental health, and one that's spiritual. In the grand scheme of things, spiritual health is very important I feel, and something I want to integrate fully in my workouts! 

I've not done the best these weeks with food. I've accidentally ate my allergies which put me in crazy pain, and then snacked way more then I should have (and probably ate more sugar then they'd like) but Monday is a new day!

Something God has really brought to my attention recently is choosing to be happy. Choosing joy. it's something Joyce Myers and others have discussed, but I guess He really made it real to me. I've asked for the joy of the Lord many times, and I think He helped me realize and accept that the only person holding me back from that is myself.  He can give me all He can but I have to accept it and act on it out of faith.  I have to choose to be happy, to have joy no matter the circumstances, knowing and trusting that it will all be alright. That He holds my future in His almighty hands and will not let them fall...or let me fall for that matter.

I guess I know what one of my goals for next week might be now:

Say one thing I'm thankful for, I like about myself, and/or that makes me happy! 

After this week I think I may narrow it down to one of these three and maybe 3 for each, but small steps!

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