Friday, October 21, 2011

Mary Mary quite contrary how does your garden grow?

So I'm adjusting to this whole not running much thing, sorry for those who started reading this for my runs with God posts, I will return to those eventually (hopefully soon!) :)  Once I get this whole hormones thing figured out (& I don't get so carried away that I kill my knees again lol).

Thinking on that, & some pictures some friends of mine posted:

Working at a place like Life University, fresh natural healthy living is kinda my thing.

I have an Uncle who distributes produce to places like Whole Foods, Publix, and another HUGE farmers market in Georgia. Talking to Him and knowing how they grow the produce that does use chemicals and the organic produce that doesn't, mixed with this whole government thing where farmers cannot save seed now...has made me think...

I wonder if the two health problems I have, that I cannot seem to get rid of no matter how healthy I am, were created from all the genetically modified foods Americans have grown up upon. Me less than some since my father grew his own produce, which is also probably why I LOVE all fruit & veggies so much today (& have my own garden now yayness). 

Every time I give into trying out a pill that supposed to help me balance out, all it does it make everything worse.

Unfortunately there's no getting around some genetic alterations, additives, & preservatives nowadays, especially when you don't have a ton of money. I mean with a father who had a level 4 Astrocytoma Glioblastoma Multiforme brain tumor, one that made medical books, made history, you don't have too much extra funds lying around sadly. 

How screwed up have we made humanity now, due to our chemical tampering, our laziness?  Parish the thought of working hard to grow natural, fresh plants the way God intended and created them originally...If God wanted it to have that crap in it, the extra fluff we think it needs, he would have created it that way to begin with.

We screw up our foods, which in turn have screwed up people. And instead of fixing the original problem we created by stopping, we instead just start popping us with even more chemicals in the form of pills, shots, vaccines, etc. Then when they stop working we still don't fix the problem, we just create additional medicines to take with the original pills.  

Great health system model to me...but oh wait, we're 'fixing' the medical system right?  
We're making the doctors more smiley.

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