Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Running towards Acts 20:35

FINALLY I ran!  It was amazing, but not without some lessons & refocus from God beforehand :)

It has been quite a week, & will continue to be through Saturday at least (a 5k with my sister Christina, Elena cooking, & a bonfire). Crazy all over the place but awesome.  I had all intentions of running Monday, & once I arrived at work had the pleasant surprise of an old friend ask to start running with me.

Yayness!  Nobody ever wants to run with me. I've only had 2 people who liked to, J-Dawg (who got me into working out & my health) & Jacob (who got me into trail running).  I guess I scare people off...and it sucks but is something I've learned to deal with.  So to have J-Dawg's wife ask me to run with her totally made my day. Hopefully this will end up working out.

Well, my plan to run got cancelled literally on the way to the trail when I mom was still at the mechanic with my car. I had no idea what was wrong with it, how much it would be, or if she'd need a ride home & if I ran on the trail I wouldn't have my phone with me. So begrudgingly I passed my turn for the trail & headed to the gym.  Thinking that my hunger for time with God, for His message to me, would just have to wait...but He surprised me with a message when I arrived at the gym.

Life isn't about what I can get but what I can give. I will gain so much more joy & passion from helping a friend get back into running than on any of my longest trail runs. So much more love by just having my mother know I am only a phone call away.  As much as I enjoy my quiet time with God on the trail, isn't life really about the sacrifices you make for those you love?  And how many people sacrifice for me everyday & I never take notice... 

Alongside that, isn't that what marriage is supposed to be about. Not sacrificing all of yourself for the other person, but loving them enough that you are both willing to.  It's that deep love that drives us forward, creates passion, creates art. If sacrifice is so painful why do we desire, I desire, to find that person I am willing to give up everything for?

It's what Christ demonstrated for us, & what God the Father shows us everyday.  He DID give His all for us, & we spend our lives giving our all back to Him, loving Him with our best & worst.

And God did give me our run together, after I stopped focusing on myself, stopped looking at what love I wanted & needed, & looked at how I could love others.  With the most beautiful weather yesterday, I finally got my long trail run back.  The wind gently embracing my cheeks, the colors of fall painted all around me.  Just knowing He was there each step forward; the gravel beside me lifting up their voices in praise & love for Him, My Lord!

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