Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gotta love it

61. holding hands, when my fingers are enwrapped around anothers, that certain someone rubbing his thumb softly.

62. wildflowers
63. walking around the fair with Marie

64. getting married one day to the my soul-mate God has out there for me

65. gentle breeze, especially near the water

66. Hot, steaming, brothy, vegetable soup

67. Having curves, having actual hips...being the pear body-shape God made me

68. Granny Squares

69. Double wedding ring quilts

70. cute fuzzy warm socks

71. someone playing with my hair

72. being wrapped in a beanie & scarf on a cold day

73. fresh untouched snow

74. icicles

75. undisturbed spider's web

76. Glittens, fingerless glove-mittens

77. Ducks

78. Otters

79. Strange & silly pointless facts

80. Having such strong passion, desires, feelings, & emotions

81. that perfect cute pair of heels that make you feel gorgous

82. a cute pair of boots

83. comfy sweater

84. Campfires & Fireplaces

85. Roasted Marshmallows

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